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Applewood Elementary
130 Woodrow Street
St. Catharines L2P 3T7
Phone: 905-684-4359
Burleigh Hill Elementary
15 Burleigh Hill Drive
St. Catharines L2T 2V6
Phone: 905-227-6641
Carleton Elementary
1 Carlton Park Dr.
St. Catharines L2M 4M9
Phone: 905-934-5243
Connaught Elementary
28 Prince Street
St. Catharines L2R 3X7
Phone: 905-682-6609
Dalewood Elementary
61 Duncan Drive
St. Catharines L2N 3P3
Phone: 905-934-3325
DSBN Academy Elementary/Secondary
130 Louth St
St. Catharines L2S 2T8
Phone: 905-684-8708
Web Site:
Edith Cavell Elementary
1 Monck Street
St. Catharines L2S 1L5
Phone: 905-684-6545
E I McCulley Elementary
16 Berkley Drive
St. Catharines L2M 6B8
Phone: 905-934-7344
Ferndale Elementary
35 Ferndale Avenue
St. Catharines L2P 1V8
Phone: 905-684-1101
Gracefield Elementary
117 Bayview Drive
St. Catharines L2N 4Z7
Phone: 905-934-1411
Grapeview Elementary
106 First Street Louth
St. Catharines L2R 6P9
Phone: 905-984-5517
Harriet Tubman Elementary
84 Henry Street
St. Catharines L2R 5V4
Phone: 905-685-5489
Web Site:
Jeanne Sauvé Elementary
91 Bunting Road
St. Catharines L2P 3G8
Phone: 905-684-9461
Web Site:
Lincoln Centennial Elementary
348 Scott Street
St. Catharines L2N 1J5
Phone: 905-937-5110
Lockview Elementary
505 Bunting Road
St. Catharines L2M 3A9
Phone: 905-934-3331
Web Site:
Oakridge Elementary
1 Marsdale Avenue
St. Catharines L2T 3R7
Phone: 905-684-6589
Parnall Elementary
507 Geneva Street
St. Catharines L2N 2H7
Phone: 905-934-3348
Pine Grove Elementary
690 Lake Street
St. Catharines L2N 4J5
Phone: 905-935-1901
Port Weller Elementary
273 Parnell Road
St. Catharines L2M 1W4
Phone: 905-934-3322
Power Glen Elementary
34 Westland Street
St. Catharines L2S 3W8
Phone: 905-684-7429
Prince of Wales Elementary
95 Facer Street
St. Catharines L2M 5J6
Phone: 905-937-2225
Prince Philip Elementary
600 Vine Street
St. Catharines L2M 3V1
Phone: 905-934-2525
Westdale Elementary
130 Rykert Street
St.Catharines L2S 2B4
Phone: 905-682-9284
William Hamilton Merritt Elementary
114 Linwell Road
St. Catharines L2N 6N8
Phone: 905-937-0510
Woodland Elementary
1511 7th Street Louth
St. Catharines L2R 6P9
Phone: 905-685-1331
Eden Secondary
535 Lake Street, Unit #1
St. Catharines L2N 4H7
Phone: 905-646-9884
Governor Simcoe Secondary
15 Glenview Avenue
St.Catharines L2N 2Z7
Phone: 905-934-4006
Laura Secord Secondary
349 Niagara Street
St. Catharines L2M 4V9
Phone: 905-934-8501
Web Site:
Lifetime Learning Centre
535 Lake Street
St. Catharines L2N 4H7
Phone: 905-646-3737
Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
101 Glen Morris Drive
St. Catharines L2T 2N1
Phone: 905-684-6349
St. Catharines Collegiate Secondary
34 Catherine Street
St. Catharines L2R 5E7
Phone: 905-687-7301
Web Site:


225 Parnell Rd.
St. Catharines L2M 1W3
Phone: 905-935-5281
Canadian Martyrs
502 Scott St.
St. Catharines L2M 3X2
Phone: 905-934-9972
École Immaculeé-Conception
153 Church St.
St. Catharines
Phone: 905-682-6732
École Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys
12 Burleigh Hill Dr.
St. Catharines
Phone: 905-227-4002
Mother Teresa
125 First Street Louth
St. Catharines L2R 6P9
Phone: 905-682-6862
Web Site:
Our Lady of Fatima
439 Vine St.
St. Catharines L2M 3S6
Phone: 905-935-4343
St. Alfred
280 Vine St.
St. Catharines L2M 4T3
Phone: 905-934-9922
St. Ann
218 Main St.
St. Catharines L2N 4W1
Phone: 905-934-1755
St. Anthony
81 Rykert St.
St. Catharines L2S 1Z2
Phone: 905-685-8859
St. Christopher
33 Woodrow Ave.
St. Catharines L2P 2A1
Phone: 905-684-3963
St. Denis
175 Carlton St.
St. Catharines L2R 1S1
Phone: 905-682-4156
St. James
615 Geneva St.
St. Catharines L2N 2J3
Phone: 905-934-3112
St. Nicholas
149 Church St.
St. Catharines L2R 3E2
Phone: 905-685-7764
St. Peter
7 Aberdeen Circle
St. Catharines L2T 2B7
Phone: 905-984-3040
St. Theresa
58 Seymour Ave.
St. Catharines L2P 1A7
Phone: 905-682-0244
Denis Morris High School
40 Glen Morris Dr.
St. Catharines L2T 2M9
Phone: 905-684-8731
Holy Cross Secondary School
460 Linwell Rd.
St. Catharines L2M 2P9
Phone: 905 937-6446
St. Francis Secondary School
541 Lake St.
St. Catharines L2N 4H7
Phone: 905-646-2002
St. John Centre (Adult)
145 Niagara St.
St. Catharines L2R 4L7
Phone: 905-682-3360
St. Thomas Centre (Adult)
68 Eastchester Ave.
St. Catharines L2P 2Y4
Phone: 905-685-3276


Beyond Montessori
17 Welland Ave
St. Catharines L2R 2M1
Phone: 905-937-0700
Web Site:
Calvary Christian School
310 Scott Street
St. Catharines L2N 1J5
Phone: 905-935-3854
Web Site:
Ridley College
2 Ridley Rd
St Catharines L2R 7C3
Phone: 905-684-1889
Web Site:
Wheatley School
497 Scott Street
St. Catharines L2M 3X3
Phone: 905-641-3012
Web Site:


Brock University
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
St Catharines L2S 3A1
Phone: 905-688-5550
Web Site:
Niagara College
135 Taylor Road
Niagara-on-the-Lake L0S 1J0
Phone: 905-641-2252
Web Site:

If you know of any school in the St. Catharines area not listed here, please feel free to with the name, address, phone number and a web address or email address (if known), and we will add it to the list for future visitors.

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